Debris fill front yards of Kingwood neighborhood after Imelda's flooding

KINGWOOD, Texas – Debris filled the front yards of homes on Brookdale Drive in a Kingwood.

Kathleen Deschazer's home was among the many homes damaged by Thursday’s flooding. Deschazer said she had 3 inches of water inside her home and the water destroyed everything it touched.

“Everything in the pile over here, I’m having to throw out because it got wet. Every room had water in it so we've lost just about everything,” Deschazer said. 

John Igoe, who lives on Brookdale Drive, said he lost everything on the first floor of his home. His furniture was piled up in his front yard and was barely recognizable.

“My flooring, my bookshelves, my couches and pretty much everything that was on the first floor,” Igoe said. 

The majority of the residents of Brookdale Drive were shocked to see their homes flooded. They said their homes weathered Hurricane Harvey and the recent devastating flooding in May that ruined parts of Kingwood.