411 lb. wild boar caught near San Antonio golf course

SAN ANTONIO – A 411-pound feral boar was caught near Gateway Hills Golf Course last Thursday by members of the Lone Star Trapping.

"We've captured over 1,200 feral hogs in that area in the last three years," Wyatt Walton of LST said.

The massive hog was tied alive and removed from the area with the assistance of K-9s.

Walton and the rest of the team have been helping remove feral hogs around San Antonio since 2016.

The killing of feral hogs without a license became legal as of Sept. 1 thanks to Senate Bill 317.

Feral hogs have been a nuisance for many Texas residents, digging up grass and rooting for food.

There is currently an estimated population in excess of 1.5 million feral hogs in Texas, according to the Texas Parks and Wildlife Department.

Lone Star Trapping has caught 2,000 feral hogs from private landowners and HOA's around San Antonio like Stillwater Ranch, Walton said.

This story is courtesy KSAT-TV.

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