Masked trio rob Pasadena convenience store at gunpoint, surveillance footage shows

PASADENA, Texas – Surveillance footage shows three masked people robbing a Pasadena gas station Friday night.

The trio is seen on surveillance footage entering a Valero gas station on Fairmont Parkway and Watters Road.  

The store clerk, who wanted to remain anonymous, said he was getting ready to close the store but forgot an important part of his closing routine.

“I forgot to lock my door,” the clerk said.  

A woman held open the door while two masked men walked through the convenience store, brandished guns and demanded money from the cashier. 

At first, the armed robber jumped over the counter looking for the store clerk. The men then found the store clerk, grabbed him and the armed man pushed him towards the register demanding cash.

Another female customer was inside the store at the time and tried to leave at first but the men forced her back in. 

One masked robber hit the cashier with his gun before swiping cash from the register.

A convenience store employee said the robbers also stole money and cell phones from customers in the store during the incident. 

On Tuesday, a similar armed robbery took place in Pasadena just miles away at the Ark Food Station on Shaver Street and Garner Road. Police said Saturday that they believe the two robberies are connected.  

The store clerk said despite the terrorizing few moments, he got to go home to his family.

“God saved my life. I have little kids,” the clerk said.

Pasadena Police are asking for the public’s help to identify the suspects. Anyone with information should call Pasadena Police.

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