These are the Greenpeace activists who were charged in Fred Hartman Bridge protest


HOUSTON – The identities and mug shot photos of those who were arrested in Thursday's Greenpeace protest have been released. 

The 25 people who were arrested after they closed the Fred Hartman Bridge and Houston Ship Channel down for several hours are charged with criminal trespass, obstructing a highway and obstructing critical infrastructure. Officials have issued an arrest warrant for six other protesters involved.

PHOTOS: Greenpeace environmentalist protesters hang from Fred Hartman Bridge

The environmental activists used colorful banners as 11 protesters hung suspended over the Houston Ship Channel. Twelve more protesters acted as spotters on top of the bridge. None were from the Houston area, according to authorities. 

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According to the group, the activists were protesting fossil fuels and initially planned to stay on the bridge for 24 hours. 

These are the people who were arrested:  

PHOTOS: Mugshots of Greanpeace protesters released 

An arrest warrant has been issued for the following protesters: 

  • Sydney Lae Cliffard not in custody to-be-warrant
  • Graham Evan Clumpner not in custody to-be-warrant
  • Daniel James Rudie not in custody to-be-warrant
  • Mitchell Wenkus not in custody to-be-warrant
  • David Lynn Mcnew not in custody to-be-warrant 
  • David A Rappelet not in custody to-be-warrant 

Late Friday, the U.S. Department of Justice announced that 22 protesters were federally charged with aiding and abetting obstruction of navigable waters. They're due in court Saturday.

If convicted, they each face up to a year in jail and a possible $2,500 fine.

Those charged in federal court include California residents Zeph Fishlyn, 52, Tamura R. Seiji, 29, and Richard A. Sisney, 32, all of Oakland, and Cole Asher Taylor-Martin, 35, of Fullerton; Missouri residents Jayden Allen, 20, of  Warrensburg, and Dakota P. Schee, 25, of Kansas City; Jonathan Butler, 29, and Tracye Redd, 28, both of Washington, DC; Washington State residents Ryan Harris, 41, of Olympia, and Piper Werle, 29, of Port Orchard; New York women Brianna Gibson, 28, of Brooklyn, and Kim Irene, 26, of Jerico; Colorado residents Julie A. McElvain, 36, of Steamboat Springs, and Cheloee Price, 23, of Denver; as well as Christan Bufforu, 32, of Ellerwood, Georgia; Sydney Clifford, 21, of Portland, Oregon; Heather Doyle, 35, of Albequrque, New Mexico; Michael Herbert, 36, Hyattsville, Maryland; Tyler N. McFarland, 27, of Dover, New Hampshire; Sarah Newman, 42, of Lexington, Kentucky; Heidi Nybroten, 26, of Minneapolis, Minnesota; and Shevone Torres, 39, of Pennsauken, New Jersey.

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