Dog owner finds orphaned baby possum clinging to back of her long-haired dog


MELBOURNE, Australia – An Australian pet owner was stunned to see an orphaned baby possum clinging to the back of one of her fur babies.

Sally Watkinson, of Melbourne, came home on Tuesday to discover a possum clinging to the back of her long-haired Puli-bred dog named Kato. This, amazingly, was not the first time this has happened.

On Facebook she shared the story of both possum encounters.

“It happened again!!! … I went to Jon’s house to find Kato again with another baby possum,” Watkinson wrote on Facebook.

UPDATE!!! It happened again!!! so bizarre. Today I went to Jon's house to pick to find Kato again with another baby...

Posted by Sally Watkinson on Tuesday, September 10, 2019

The opossum pictured is a male, the second animal to piggy-back off Kato, who Watkinson says was oblivious.  Nor did Hugo, Watkinson’s other dog, bark or bother the possum, as she expected him to.

According to The Dodo, both of Watkinson's dogs were calm around the frightened baby animal.

“Hugo and Kato seemed to barely notice it was there,” Watkinson wrote. 

Watkinson took Kato, with the possum on his back, to a nearby veterinary office to safely separate them. 

A wildlife rescue center took the male possum. The animal is expected to be OK.

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