2 French bulldogs stolen from Stafford breeder's home

STAFFORD, Texas – A Fort Bend County family said thieves broke into their home and stole more than just belongings; they took two French bulldogs worth $15,000.

The dogs, Gucci and Giuseppe, are sisters and are 18 months old.

Giuseppe is pregnant and due any day. The dogs stay in the couple’s front room when no one is home.

Alberta Holmes and her husband, Chianti Lateef Holmes, said last Wednesday before 9 a.m. after they left home, their neighbor's surveillance camera captured the moment someone pulled up to their home and broke in.

“You can see them open the door and get out, but the car is so close to the window that you really can’t see what they’re doing, but they’re breaking the window, and they’re going in,” Chianti Lateef Holmes said.

He believes whoever took the dogs is possibly an acquaintance or someone who knows the dogs' value.

“They knew that I had German shepherds in the backyard and wouldn’t be at the house, and they would jump the fence, and that’s why I think they bring the car so close to the house, to use the car as a shield,” Chianti Lateef Holmes said.

He said the thieves also took cash from their bedroom and one of their kid's game console controllers.

"I walk in looking for them, hoping that they're there. It’s hard,” Alberta Holmes said about the dogs. "They're family. ... Not the price of them, they're family, they're my daughters."

The family breeds dogs and own Kingdom Pups USA.

They said they planned on selling some of Giuseppe’s puppies to help pay for Alberta Holmes’ nursing school.

The couple said they’ve contacted other breeders and say they’ve received tips that the dogs may be in Humble.

“Somewhere in Humble near Mesa and Beltway 8, in that neighborhood somewhere, so all the people over there, I just pray that if you see our dogs that you’ll do the right thing,” Chianti Lateef Holmes said.

He believes the thieves were in a dark-colored GMC Terrain that had no license plates. They filed a police report with Stafford police.

Authorities said if anyone has information to contact Detective Claunch at 281-261-3950.