Thieves steal from family mourning Marine at Houston cemetery

HOUSTON – A Houston woman is dealing with feelings a widow should not have to deal with just weeks after losing her husband of 55 years.

What happened

Lawrence Reyna -- a veteran of two tours in Vietnam as a Marine -- was buried at the Houston National Cemetery in north Houston last Wednesday. When his widow and one of her daughters came to visit his gravesite two days later, thieves burglarized their car while the family was meeting with cemetery staff.

"They broke into the car, stole my iPhone and my daughter's carry-on bag," Reyna's widow said said. "They stole her purse, her jewelry, her passport, all of her identifications."

What the family wants to be returned

The thieves stole the rosary and the crucifix that were on Reyna's casket. One his daughters is offering a $1,000 reward for the return of the precious items.

Added burden

Compounding the family's heartbreak, Houston National Cemetery is where Reyna wanted to be buried, but his widow says she now doesn't feel safe visiting. And the cost on top of funeral expenses is adding up.

"Just to replace my iPad was another $200," Reyna's widow said. "I had insurance, but that was the deductible. So, I'm being hit every which way."

A word for the thieves

Now as she tries to mourn her late husband and cherish the memories, she can't help thinking about the crooks who stole from her and her family.

"Lowlives. People who have no respect for anything," Reyna's widow said, describing the thieves. "People who don't know what these veterans have had to go through."

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