UH dormitory floods after HVAC system malfunction


HOUSTON – Talk about a long night before heading to class the next day. The first floor of a University of Houston residence hall was filled with water Monday night after an HVAC system malfunction.

About 40 students at the Cougar Village 2 woke up to the sounds of fire alarms around 4:15 a.m. and were asked to evacuate the premises for safety precautions.

Students captured video of water pouring from the ceiling and flooding the first floor. 

Campus officials said students were able to return to their rooms within an hour after evacuating.

KPRC was told that none of the students' rooms were impacted since no residents live on the first floor. 

Maintenance crews were able to clean the water from the first floor and the HVAC system was repaired by 10 a.m. 

It is reported that two elevators are currently out of service but students are able to use two others to get to their rooms.

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