Houston Zoo orangutan named Pumpkin dies of heart failure


HOUSTON – One of the Houston Zoo’s orangutans died Wednesday morning due to heart failure.

The male Bornean orangutan called Pumpkin was 34 years old.

“While Pumpkin came to live at the Houston Zoo a little under three years ago, he endeared himself to our community very quickly and was much beloved by his keepers, volunteers and guests,” the zoo wrote on its website. “He will be remembered as an incredibly sweet, smart, and inquisitive orangutan who was great with his keepers and other orangutans.”

Pumpkin had a known heart condition that has been under treatment by his veterinarians in partnership with local specialists, according to the zoo. 

The zoo added that “cardiac disease is a known problem for great apes, like orangutans, and the Houston Zoo has been working with the Great Ape Heart Project for many years to help study this matter.”

We are mourning the death of 34-year-old, Bornean orangutan Pumpkin. This morning, he passed away due to heart...

Posted by Houston Zoo on Wednesday, September 11, 2019




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