Man caught on camera stealing French bulldog puppy during transaction

HOUSTON – It was supposed to be a quick transaction between a man claiming to be an interested buyer and an owner of a French bulldog puppy.

The man showed up outside the home of the dog owner Saturday and was supposed to bring $4,200 to purchase the dog but instead, he ran off with the puppy. 

“It's a merle French bulldog,” said the dog owner. 

The owner, who didn't want to be identified, said the puppy she was selling is unique because of its color.

“Now my dog is in somebody else's hands. Six weeks old and I don't know where it’s at,” the owner said. 

The owner said it all happened Saturday when she received a call from a woman claiming she and her son were interested buyers.

“She said she was getting the cash now and that she will meet me here. Then she called me back and she turned around and said that her son is closer and he was going to come over to the house,” the owner said.

The man claiming to be the woman's son is caught on the owner's doorbell camera calmly walking in and then taking off a few minutes later.

“He took off running. Don't know if he had a gun. I could have been killed yesterday,” the owner said. 

The woman said she ran after the man but couldn't catch him but instead caught his license plate number. The Texas license plate number reads LGK 8949. She said she saw the man get into a 2014 gray Honda Accord. 

“I love my dogs and I don't like the idea of them going to somebody that's going to hurt them or abuse them. He can be dead in a week from disease. It doesn't have its shots,” the owner said.