SE Houston street becoming popular site for illegal dumping

HOUSTON – A quick walk down Hall Road reveals a mess of trash scattered along the side of the street.

"It makes me feel like we live in a dump," Rosalind Hobgood said.

What's going on in the neighborhood?

Hobgood lives in a nearby subdivision and said the trash problem has recently gotten worse than usual.

"There are other ways to dispose of your garbage, and they need to respect our community," Hobgood said.

Besides the nearly dozen tires that were dumped across the area, observers can see large pieces of furniture and plenty of broken glass.

The trash stretches over two to three blocks.

What residents are saying

"It makes me angry. I’m almost embarrassed of my community because of the way the external part looks," Hobgood said.

"The dumping has been bad since we moved in here. We call the city all the time," Victor Lopez said.

Hobgood said that besides being an eyesore, the trash is also a hazard.

"If the storm comes through, or something to that nature, our drainage is blocked. It’s a terrible situation," Hobgood said.

What the city says

The city’s solid waste management team said the area is a hot zone area for illegal dumping, and they plan to send someone to eventually get things cleaned up.

For residents living in the area, that can’t happen soon enough because of those making the mess.

"They need to stop, they need to stop. We’re watching, we will take a picture. We will send it in to the police, and we need to cut this out," Hobgood said.