Body found in dumpster at northwest Houston apartment complex

HOUSTON – A body was found in a dumpster Wednesday at an apartment complex in northwest Houston.

The discovery was reported about 9:15 a.m. near the corner of Antoine Drive and Tidwell Road.

David Williamson said he was taking out the trash when he spotted a gray bin inside the dumpster that was covered with blankets and had electrical cords sticking out. He said he pulled up the blankets and saw the body.

"(I) pulled it up just a little bit, and you could see someone that was bent over, facedown towards their knees inside the tub," Williamson said. "It was crisscrossed with electricals. The skin was exposed."

Authorities are working to learn more about who is was and how he died. 

"We don't know what kind of trauma he has (or) when exactly he was placed there," said Detective David Stark. "That's going to be our number one priority, is cameras and trying to ID him. Hopefully, we'll be able to backtrack his story."

Investigators confirmed the body was that of a young adult man.

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