Where does Houston rank in latest 'America's Best Drivers' report?

Traffic moves along a freeway in Houston on Sept. 6, 2017. (KPRC)
Traffic moves along a freeway in Houston on Sept. 6, 2017. (KPRC)

HOUSTON – Wondering what towns in Texas to steer clear of on your next road trip?

Allstate has conducted a 2019 report of "America's Best Drivers." 

According to Allstate, "The Allstate America's Best Drivers Report is the result of an in-depth examination of company auto claims data to experience the likelihood drivers in America's 200 most populous cities will experience a vehicle collision compared to the national average. According to Allstate claims data, the average driver in the U.S will experience a collision once every 10.57 years. This year, Allstate researchers analyzed property damage claims reported during the two-year period of January 2016 to December 2017. The report defines a collision as any auto crash resulting in a property damage claim and uses U.S. Census Bureau data to determine America's 200 largest cities."

Criteria in the report beyond city and state include average years between collisions, 2018 best drivers report ranking, change from 2018, relative collision likelihood and drivewise hard-braking events per 1,000 miles.

Houston ranked at 158 out of 200.

Here is how Texas cities ranked in the report:

1.   Brownsville, TX
5.   Laredo, TX
9.   McAllen, TX

18. Corpus Christi, TX

20. Amarillo, TX

48. El Paso, TX

53. Lubbock, TX

54. Killeen, TX

79. Waco, TX

86. Pasadena, TX

127. McKinney, TX

138. San Antonio, TX

139. Fort Worth, TX

144. Grand Prairie, TX

154. Plano, TX

158. Houston, TX

160. Austin, TX

162. Arlington, TX

172. Dallas, TX

175. Garland, TX

180. Irving, TX