Selfie king or queen? You're 'less likeable,' study says

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LOS ANGELES – If you're the kind who never turns down a selfie photo opp, you're probably not liked.

Or successful.

Or secure with yourself.

Hey, don't blame the messenger, we're just sharing the news from a recent study by researchers at Washington State University.

But if you are someone who lets others take the photos while you stand in front of the camera, then you're considered more successful and confident.

The university researchers were given permission to use the most recent Instagram photos from a group of undergraduates, while a second group of undergraduates from another school were asked to rate the first.

By only using the images, the second group rated attributes like self‑absorption, low self‑esteem, extraversion and success.

The data showed those who let others take photos of them gained high and consistent marks for personality.

People who took selfies featuring physical appearance received low marks.

But there is good news for the self-absorbed and insecure selfie-talkers: They tend to have more Instagram followers.

So you've got that going for you.