Two years later, still no replacement bridge in Fonmeadow Subdivision

Parents said children are at risk as no one is stepping up to help

MISSOURI CITY, Texas – Residents in the Fonmeadow subdivision in Missouri City still feel stuck, years after a bridge was torn down, but never replaced.

Families who live in what they are calling the "forgotten" subdivision said that this is a safety issue for their children as many of the students still try to cross over the bayou to get to the playground, pool or school on the other side.

"It's really hard for a parent to see that these kids are going through this situation," Lourdes Pedroza, a Fonmeadow Subdivision resident, said.

KPRC first spoke with Pedroza in 2017, when residents of the subdivision reached out to KPRC after their precious bridge was taken down by the county and city. Pedroza's family want to play at the park, but it has been years since her children and nephews could walk to their subdivision's park.

"It was easier for them to remove the bridge than fixing it. I think it was cheaper and easier," Pedroza said.

Long-time resident Bruce Zaborowski has lived in Missouri City for 37 years. The Fonmeadow Subdivision is a neighborhood split between Missouri City and Harris County by a bayou, which is the property owned by the Harris County. While the county and city took down the old bridge in 2016, no one, including the HOA, has stepped up to replace it. 

"We're in Missouri City, Texas; Harris County, Texas. Missouri City doesn't want to help with the bridge, they feel that it is not their responsibility. Harris County seems immune to it, even though it is their waterway," Zaborowski said.

"They're trying to just pass the ball and nobody does nothing about it," Pedroza said.

The Harris County Flood Control District maintains that they never owned the bridge or was ever in charge of maintaining it. The bridge was put in by the developer of the subdivision. 

Missouri City sent the statement: "The safety of citizens is a top priority for Missouri City. However, the waterway is not owned/maintained by the City and the City is not aware of a replacement plan for the bridge."

The county said the responsibility is with the Fonmeadow Subdivision. KPRC contacted the HOA and have yet to hear a response.

Family members said whoever is responsible, the site is a safety hazard.

"Seeing the kids playing in here. Seeing the kids playing -- crossing to the other side, going through the rocks, jumping through the rocks," Pedroza said.

Angi Bass said her children sneak down to the bayou to cross to the other side. Her children sued to use the bridge to walk to school.

"It's already petrifying being a parent already, but that's really, really scary, but especially like I said, my daughter, is my biggest concern because she's so small. I can't imagine her being there with a snake," Bass said.

"We're still the public," Bass said. "We pay our taxes and the HOA fees -- why can't we have the things that we need?"