Gov. Abbott's push to end long lines at DPS offices across the state

HOUSTON – In an effort to shorten the long wait times and lines at driver’s license offices, Texas Gov. Greg Abbott announced Monday night via a tweet the legislature will provide more than $200 million to DPS to help improve services and employ more than 700 people. 



“I signed this directive to the head of the Texas Department of Public Safety to take immediate actions to shorten lines in driver’s license offices,” Abbott said. 

DPS Response 

In response to the directive, DPS told KPRC they are grateful to state leaders for providing the funding. But they say Texans won’t feel any difference until December when the new staff has been trained and ready to work. DPS officials encourage drivers to use their online services.

They say 50 percent of their customers are eligible for their online transactions. 

DPS released the following statement: 

"We agree with Gov. Abbott that Texans should not have to wait in long lines at driver license offices, and DPS is very thankful for the funding authorized during the 86th Legislative Session. On Sept. 1, 2019, when DPS has access to the new funding, we will move as quickly as possible to fill the more than 700 new positions it provides, which will significantly reduce wait times in our busiest offices. For details on all our plans to enhance driver license services, please see the attached document." 

Click here to read DPS' staffing plan 

Drivers' response

Texas drivers have complained about the long lines at DPS facilities across the state. Linda Edwards visited the southwest DPS facility and had to take the day off. Edwards said she brought a book and finished reading it while waiting in line. 

“I got here at 9:33 a.m. and I’m leaving at 11:51 a.m. I tried to check-in online but all the slots are filled up,” Edwards said. 

Ruth Abeles is thrilled to see state leaders get involved in the ongoing issue. 

“We all have time that we need to do things; waiting here is not what I want to do,” Abeles said.