'Every day she surprises us': Five-legged calf finds home at Louisiana farm

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JENNINGS, La. – As a farmer, Matt Alexander says he loves bringing new animals to his Jennings, Louisiana farm. Last week he found himself at a cow auction. He ended up bidding on a calf born that morning with a rare condition.

"The bid started at 50, nobody wanted her," Alexander said. "The people I talked to said you're wasting your money on that, she's not even going to make it. Well 10 days later she's doing good and healthy. You know, she had five legs and I figured my fiancé would like it."

Maghin Davis is Alexander's fiancé. She decided that Elsie was the perfect name for this perfectly cute little calf.

"When you run into something like this, it's just fits on our farm," Davis said. "You fear the worst that she's not going to make it, we don't really know what is wrong with her. But every day she surprises us, she runs around, she chases her mom, she eats from her mom, she's just got a lot of energy."

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