'We have our kids here': Family befuddled as to why they were targeted in drive-by

HOUSTON – "You could’ve killed someone. You could've killed kids. We have babies here. We have our kids here."

That's what a homeowner said after someone drove by and fired several rounds at the family's home.

What happened

Around 5:30 a.m. Thursday, the homeowner said at least seven shots were fired at the house in the 9000 block of Fuqua Breeze Drive, in southeast Houston.

Still too afraid to reveal their identity, the family said when they heard the gunshots, they took cover.

"I pulled the babies on the floor, and I was just down on the ground with them ... locked the door, because I heard the alarm and I didn’t know if someone was in the house," the homeowner said. "I was thinking somebody was in the house and my husband was yelling to get down on the floor."

After making sure the children were OK, the homeowners checked surveillance video to see what happened.

Where did the bullets hit?

Several shots struck vehicles in the driveway.

In the video, you can see parts of brick flying off the house as the bullets hit.

Close call

One bullet went through a wall and into a child's bedroom.

"If it had gone a foot up, my son's bed is right there against the wall, and it would have hit him," the homeowner said.

Mistaken identity?

The family said they're not sure why they were targeted and think it could be a case of mistaken identity. Either way, they want whoever is responsible for the shooting to pay for what they've done.

"You can’t do stuff like this to people, ... almost killing somebody and get away with it. It’s not OK," the homeowner said.

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