VIDEO: Sword-wielding man attacks over trash-pile wheelbarrow

OAKLAND PARK, Fla. – A man in Florida attacked another man with a sword over an argument about a wheelbarrow. 

The incident was captured on camera back on July 15, and authorities are still searching for the sword-wielding man. 

Todd Beavers is the man seen in the video walking away with the cart when the other man starts swinging.

Beavers says he was running through his Oakland Park neighborhood when he passed by a pile of junk in front of a vacant home. He told WSVN he thought he could use the wheelbarrow, but another man apparently had the same idea and wasn’t about to give up his claim on the same item without a fight. 
Beavers said before the sword swinging, the two had exchanged words and his attacker followed him with the weapon for about a half a mile. 

Back at his house, a camera captured the man taking several big swings with the sword before Beavers drops the cart, points to a security camera, and calls police. 

Moments later, a woman in pink grabs the wheelbarrow and takes off.

"I said 'you know what? You're on camera. You want to take the cart, do it right in front of the camera,’” Beavers said. “And she did it."

The woman, Alice Bolden, told WSVN the wheelbarrow is hers. She says the two men had been fighting over items she'd put out for a garage sale and the cart was never up for grabs. 

Local authorities are hoping someone will recognize the guy in gray and point them in the right direction.

For more on this story, including Beavers discussing what he regrets about the incident, go to WSVN