Texas ranked 3rd worst state for women's equality in 2019, study says


HOUSTON – Women's Equality Day is this month, and it's not looking good for Texas. 

The U.S. is ranked No. 50 out of 149 countries when it comes to women's equality in 2019, falling two spots since last year, according to the Global Gap Index. 

Texas ranked No. 3 in the worst states for women's equality, according to the WalletHub.

The study compared 50 states across the nation on 17 key metrics to determine where women received the most equal treatment in American society. The data range is based on the gap between female and male executives to the disparity in unemployment rates for the opposite sex. 

Here's how Texas ranked in total for women's equality (1=best; 25=average):

  • 21st – Earnings gap
  • 28th – Executive positions gap
  • 20th – Work hours gap
  • 43rd – Educational attainment gap (among advanced degree holders)
  • 39th – Unemployment rate gap
  • 22nd – Entrepreneurship rate gap
  • 45th – Political representation gap

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