Burglars cause $45,000 worth of damage to taco truck in northeast Houston, owner says

HOUSTON – Burglars were caught on camera causing tens of thousands of dollars worth of damage to a taco truck, taking food, drinks and cash. 

The crime was reported Aug. 11 at 746 Henke St. in northeast Houston.

The video shows a group of thieves ransacking Victor Garcia's taco truck. Garcia said they broke the truck's window and came back to the truck with more men. He said the thieves emptied out his freezer and fridge. 

"The slow-cooked frozen food and raw was in there ... tortillas, bread, salsa, everything," he said. 

Garcia's Ring doorbell camera captured the crime and the moment the men noticed they were being recorded, they ripped the camera off. 

Garcia took matters into his own hands and used social media to track down one of the accused burglars. 

"I was able to track them through Facebook and the community," he said. 

Eventually, someone was able to identify one of the suspects as David Ortega, according to court documents. Houston police interviewed Ortega, who confessed to his role in the crime. 

Ortega was charged with theft and there is a warrant issued for his arrest. 

Garcia estimates $45,000 in losses counting the damage, stolen food and the week of profits lost since the truck has been out of service.

Anyone with information about this case is asked to call the Houston Police Department.