Thieves steal $1,000 worth of hair at beauty supply in northwest Houston

HOUSTON – It took seconds for three women to run away with $1,000 worth of hair. 

Twin's Beauty Supply sales associate Aspen Cooper says the women came in with a plan. 

“They gathered a whole lot of the hair bundles. First, they went to the register like they were going to pay for it but as soon as the owner rings the first bundle, they grab the hair and take off,” said Cooper. 

As the two women ran away, there was another woman standing outside the store holding the door open. All three women were seen on the store’s surveillance camera running toward their getaway car. The owner chased them to the car and held onto the car but eventually fell to the ground as the car sped off.

Cooper said the women had come to the shop in the past and tried to steal but weren’t successful. 

“They tried to steal, but they didn’t get to steal that day 'cause we locked the door, so we locked them in,” said Cooper.