'We didn't sign up for a marathon': Attendees describe experience at Galveston beach concert

GALVESTON, Texas – A weekend concert in Galveston turned out to be a dud, according to some attendees.

The Uforia Latino Mix Live concert, held by Univision in Galveston, drew a crowd last weekend, but some said the experience they got is not the one they paid for.

About the concert

The event started Saturday at 3 p.m.

The venue was on the north side of Galveston Island at the end of Seawall Boulevard.


What concertgoers said

Elijah Berry said the road was blocked just south of the venue, near where Ferry Road and Seawall Boulevard meet, so he and his friends decided to walk.

"Oh, we were in for a surprise. There were literally hundreds of people walking down the street just trying to get to this beach," Berry said.

Berry said he and his friends ended up walking 4 miles to the venue and missed most of the concert.

He said some people got sick on the walk.

"I ran into this one guy who was trying to meet his girlfriend at the hospital because she passed out," Berry said.

Where was the shuttle?

Berry said there was one shuttle around and it wasn't easy to get on.

"The line around for the shuttle was so bad people were fighting to get on this shuttle," he said.

A post on the concert's website said attendees could be dropped off at the venue.

No water?

Berry said concertgoers were not allowed to bring in water. He also said the venue ran out of water.

He said he wants a full refund.

"People paid hundreds of dollars to walk 4 miles, 10 miles. That's not OK. We didn't sign up for a marathon. We wanted to go to a concert," he said.

What did the organizers say?

“Over the weekend, some attendees to the Latino Mix Live Concert in Galveston experienced issues accessing and exiting the concert. This is unacceptable and inconsistent with the high standards that our fans have come to expect from our Latin music concert experiences across the country. We are disappointed and are working with our partners, including the Galveston Police Department, to investigate the matter and to ensure that this never happens at one of our events again. We have been proactively following up with many of our fans who were impacted to find a resolution. We ask that ticketholders who experienced issues to please contact Ticketon’s Customer Service at 1-800-668-8080 and email is help@ticketon.com

"Despite these challenges, we are grateful to the many fans who came out to support these artists and our community. Please contact Ticketon and a representative will get back to you.”