Vacationing homeowner watches via app as armed burglars break into home

ROSENBERG, Texas – A Rosenberg woman witnessed her worst nightmare on her home security camera.

"They're not anyone that I know at the door. And all of a sudden, I see the gentleman in the red hoodie take out a gun," Elizabeth Morales said.

She said she was out of town when her home security app alerted her of motion at her door Wednesday.

Morales said she was in Miami when she got the message and watched the video of the men breaking into her home in the 600 block of Daylilly Court.

She said she recognized the men as the people who cut her neighbor's lawn. Morales said her neighbor also identified the burglars to police.

What happened

Morales said the two men kicked in the door and stole some things from her daughter's room.

"The last thing that you really expect to happen is for someone to be trying to break into your home, especially with a 9 mm," Morales said.

She said the men left when the alarm went off.

What Morales said

  • "I start yelling at them to please leave our house. They ignore me. They kick the door in."
  • "Me speaking to them didn't seem to make much of a difference, either. Because you would think that they wouldn't kick down the door. I mean, I yelled before they kicked down the door. They still kicked down our door."
  • "They cut my neighbor's yard. I've always gone out and asked them if they want water ... if they're too hot. I do that with anyone who's outside like that."
  • "They felt secure enough to go up to my door and do that in broad daylight with other people home when they're supposed to be cutting my neighbor's yard."
  • "Knowing that they went there and seeing the gentleman pull out that gun, if my girls and I would've been there, I can only imagine what they could've done to us."
  • "We will catch them because I will not stop until we do."