Local teen makes amazing recovery after being ejected from vehicle during crash


HOUSTON – Seventeen-year-old Lacey Johnson’s future was dim in June after she was involved in a car crash.

Her aunt, Vickie Johnson said Lacey Johnson was ejected from a car after her friend's mother suffered a seizure behind the wheel.

“Lacey's neck was broken. Her back was broken in four places and her skull was detached from the spine,” Vicki Johnson said. 

Lacey Johnson was paralyzed on her left side and she couldn’t speak. After four weeks of physical therapy at TIRR Memorial Hermann, she made strides, getting back her voice and her ability to move her left side.

“When I first got here, I didn’t care about not being able to move my arm and not being able to talk. My main goal was to walk. I have to walk,” Lacey Johnson said. 

Her physician, Matt Davis, described her recovery as exceptional.

“I think what makes her case a little bit more exceptional is just the degree of improvement in the weak leg,” Davis said.

Her doctor and family said her effort and positive attitude helped get Lacey Johnson get back on her feet. On Tuesday afternoon, she was released from the hospital.

“You got to keep a good attitude because moping around is not going to get you nowhere,” Lacey Johnson said.