Hunting for $100K in Houston: Hidden Treasure Hunts provides charitable fun

Hidden Treasure Hunts courtesy of Facebook
Hidden Treasure Hunts courtesy of Facebook

HOUSTON – If you are looking for a way to explore and give back to the city, entering the Hidden Treasure Hunts contest might be your claim.

People are able to work on their own or in teams of two to five to fight to win the hunt. The grand prize is up to $100,000 to the winner of each hunt.

The treasure hunt will last 30 days. If the treasure chest isn’t found by midnight on day 30, then the prize money is rolled over to the next hunt. While people may be able to solve some clues at home, most clues require players to get out and explore the city. No clues would require players to go to hard to reach or dangerous places, but many will require players to familiarize themselves with Houston and their surroundings. 

The treasure hunt should be taken seriously and is recommended for adults due to the difficult clues.

The Mini Mural Project will bring Houston the treasure hunt theme. The Mini Mural Project was created in 2016 by UP Art Studio and now has more than 200 painted traffic signal control cabinets throughout Houston. 

A third of all the profits of the Houston hunt will be donated to the Houston SPCA. They will receive up to $50,000. 

Organizers said, the goal is to continue to “reach over 200,000 through Humane Education programs, provide a safe haven for pets involved in domestic violence through PetSafe and allow 150 Texas A&M veterinary students to participate in a required, graded two-week rotation annually.”

Houston Trade Training, is also partnering with Hidden Treasure Hunts and will provide a free HVAC (heating, ventilation, air conditioning) course to the winner in addition to the cash based prize. The class is worth a $999 value. 

Beaumont’s Endless Pawsibilities Treasure Hunt is currently in progress. 

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