Residents attacked with paintball gun in Dickinson

DICKINSON, Texas – The attack came out of nowhere Tuesday night.

Graciano Sanchez and a friend said they were heading home from a hard day of work when suddenly, they were fired at from a moving car.

What we know

Sanchez said a group of four young males were inside a white Dodge Charger in a Dickinson neighborhood when one of them stuck the barrel of a gun out of a window and started firing at him and his friend.

The friend ran as Sanchez ducked for cover behind some rolled-up fencing in the yard.

It turns out they were shot at with a paintball gun.

Eggings and paintball attacks

Neighbors also said they were attacked recently. It started with eggs, mustard and bologna.

On Tuesday night, it was paintballs.

The paint hit cars, houses and even people, one of whom was a child.

What residents are saying

Graciano Sanchez said: "I'm really pissed. I saw he put the gun straight to me."

Debbie Sanchez said: "For this to happen ... Just kids that want to record it, put it on Snapchat, social media and stuff like that. It’s not right. Something needs to be done so that way other people know that they can't go around doing this kind of stuff."

What's next

The Galveston County Sheriff's Office is investigating the case. Deputies are looking for four young males who were in a 2015-2019 white Dodge Charger that had no plates attached at the time.

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