What Baytown residents say about ExxonMobil plant fire

BAYTOWN, Texas – As the smoke begins to clear at the ExxonMobil plant in Baytown, still lingering in the area are concerns by some in the community.

"Out of nowhere, I heard, like a loud explosion, and our doors are glass, so I automatically heard it through the doors. And I thought somebody was breaking in," Jennifer Torres said.

She lives within the area where residents for several hours Wednesday were ordered to shelter in place.

While the order has since by lifted by the city, Torres still worries following the latest fire.

"It's actually pretty scary knowing that I have my son and my family here. It's actually pretty scary," Torres said.

With several plant or chemical facility fires in the last several months in the area, residents said it's too close to home and they want more to be done to ensure safety.

"Basically, we should get together and meet and see what we can do about this here," resident Marilyn Murphy said.

"I really do hope that they can get that situated because a lot of the plants have been exploding or things been going on with the plants, and it's just not a good thing for our community," Torres said.

At least 37 people were injured in connection with the fire.

Officials said the processing unit that caught fire contains a light hydrocarbon mixture of propane and propylene. Read more about the chemicals here.

The ExxonMobil Baytown facility has a history of incidents. Read more about the history of the plant here.

Officials on Wednesday evening said the fire is contained and that air quality is normal.

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