6 construction workers file lawsuit over partial building collapse

HOUSTON – Six construction workers injured in a partial building collapse near downtown Houston have filed a lawsuit seeking compensation for their injuries. 

About a dozen constructions workers were pouring concrete Monday on the seventh floor of what will be a Holiday Inn hotel in the 3400 block of North Main Street when the floor collapsed underneath them.

"Once they got the concrete poured and they distributed the concrete, part of the floor collapsed," Deputy Chief Richard Galvan, with the Houston Fire Department, said.

Fire department officials said eight workers were rushed to local hospitals and seven others were treated for injuries.

The lawsuit

Six of the workers filed a lawsuit Wednesday, claiming they sustained serious injuries as a result of the incident. The lawsuit alleges they were working in a dangerous environment and lacked the proper training, tools and staff. The documents claim the construction workers were not given fall protection or protective equipment. 

A judge granted a temporary restraining order which seeks to preserve evidence and gain access to the accident site. 

What the workers say

Attorney for the plaintiffs, Muhammad Aziz, said that the workers complained to both property owners and contractors that there may be issues at the building and that a beam may have been missing. 

"They had some indication that when they were working on the lower levels that sometimes the structure would either feel unstable or it would make noises as if metal was crunching and they raised this  concern and it fell on deaf ears, they were told to do your job pour the concrete," Aziz said.

Who is involved

The lawsuit has been filed against the Holiday Inn Express North Main, New Classic Investments Inc. d/b/a Classic Construction Company Builders and Developers and NAP Properties II, LLC. 

The plaintiffs include Alberto Angeles, Nestor Flores, Kevin Gamex, Cesar Salazar, Feliciano Velazquez and Carlos Torres. 

Attorneys said that the six sustained serious injuries including head injuries. 

"They also have neck injuries. They stated upon falling to the floor their head bounced, causing serious neck injuries," attorney Hilda Sibrian said. "Some have fractured bones, lacerations, stitches. A lot of them have knee issues, back issues. The issues are of a severe nature."

What they want

The plaintiffs are seeking compensation for their injuries including medical bills, lost wages and psychological issues as a result of the incident. 

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