Teen urinates on Walmart shelf in Porter, authorities say

Authorities say it happened on July 27

(Scott Olson/Getty Images)

PORTER, Texas – A teenager urinated on a shelf at Walmart store Saturday in Porter.

The Montgomery County Sheriff’s Office said a 15-year-old boy has been identified as the person who urinated in the video at the Walmart store at 23561 US-59. He has been charged with tampering with a consumer product, a second-degree felony. His name will not be released by authorities due to his age.

Authorities say two others were present during the incident, but charges against those suspects are not being sought at this time.

Video of the incident began circulating on social media and residents came forward to Walmart about what they saw.

Walmart reviewed security video and discovered that one of the suspects urinated on a shelf and the group attempted to steal a case of beer. 

The Montgomery County Sheriff’s Office wrote in a news release that Walmart loss prevention employees stopped the group as they attempted to leave the store, but were let go. Law enforcement noted Wal-Mart staff didn’t know at that time that one of the suspects had urinated on a shelf near the beverage aisle.



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