Houston Newsmakers for June 28: Mayoral candidates confident of upset win

HOUSTON – This is not the first rodeo for Demetria Smith. She has run for public office before -- several times, in fact, including for Houston mayor.

She’s in the race for Houston mayor again and believes she can win.

“I have true passion and compassion for justice when it comes to social injustice for the people,” she said. “So that keeps me running, that keeps me burning, that keeps me up at night, keeps me researching for the better of the people, so I’m still in this race.”

Smith is one of the mayoral candidates on this week’s Houston Newsmakers with Khambrel Marshall.

Pastor Kendall Baker has also run for public office before -- City Council twice and House of Representative once. 


Baker, who claims a 30-year tenure with the city as experience, says what appears to be an uphill challenge is God’s will.

“The city knows me. My father pastored. My grandfather pastored. The church community knows me very, very well,” he said. “I’m a man who walks by faith, not by sight. God is going to provide everything I need for this race.”

Also This week: Undies for Everyone grows to help kids


It’s called Undies for Everyone and was started seven years ago as a once-a-year donation of underwear for children. From 12,000 pairs that first year to more than 400,000 this year, Rabbi Amy Weiss says it’s having an impact no other organization in the country is providing.

“Kids are not confident if they smell, if their underwear is soiled or they’re not wearing anything,” she said. “They are nervous about the other kids finding out and they can’t concentrate on their school work.”

Find out how you can help with this fast-growing effort to shore up children's self-esteem.  

Houston Newsmakers with Khambrel Marshall airs Sunday at 10:30 a.m. 

More Information: 

• Demetria Smith, candidate for Houston mayor 
• 832-671-9712
• Twitter: @dsmith9550
• Instagram: @dsmith9550

• Kendall Baker, candidate for Houston mayor
• 832-858-4831

• Rabbi Amy Weiss, founder, Undies for Everyone 
• Twitter: @Undies4Everyone
• Instagram: @undiesforeveryone

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