Acid barrels dumped in northwest Harris County neighborhood

HOUSTON – Two hazardous barrels were discovered at the intersection of Tidewater Cypress Trail and Bauer Road on Saturday afternoon. 

Precinct one Environmental Crimes Division investigators say the hazardous material found inside is sulfuric acid. 

Tirell Stevens lives at one of the homes near the intersection where the barrels were found and is worried about the hazardous material leaking into his neighborhood. 

“That's very dangerous if it gets into our water system. It's definitely something that we don’t want,” said Stevens. 

Investigators said they don't know who dumped the barrels but say this isn't the first time they've dealt with these hazardous barrels. 

Last Monday, investigators responded to reports of another nine sulfuric acid barrels found dumped right off Old Bauer road, which is a mile away from where the barrels were discovered Saturday.

Investigators believe the two incidents are connected but have no leads. Investigators are asking for the public’s help in finding the person(s) behind the illegal dumping. 

Anyone with information should call the Precinct 1 Environmental Crimes Division at 832-927-1567.