Uber driver claims he was assaulted by passengers in Kingwood

HOUSTON – A local Uber driver said he wants the company to respond after he said he was attacked by a passenger. 

The driver did not want to reveal his identity but told KPRC that for nine months, he hasn’t had any issues with passengers in his car, until two nights ago. The Uber driver said he picked up two men near 59 and Kirby. 

“They were pretty intoxicated (when) they got in the car,” he said. 

He said that two men in the back seat began to get rowdy during the drive to Kingwood. 

“The person sitting behind me, pushes me back and slaps my face,” said the Uber driver.

He said one of the men apologized but when they got to the drop-off location the other man hit him a second time. 

“The one sitting behind me slaps me again and says, 'Hey, get out of the car if you want to fight me or box me,' he said. "I closed my doors and he started punching my windows and I just took off.”

The driver said he called Uber and filed a police report but he ran into a roadblock. The man he claims hit him, wasn't the one who ordered the ride, so he doesn’t know his identity. 

According to Houston police, a witness in the car claimed that the two men were not fighting and no one hit the driver. Police said that officers will take a deeper look at the incident. 

The driver said he wants the men to be honest and he is still waiting for the ride-share company to respond to him. 

“I keep calling them over and over again, which I have done today twice, and I’ve got no response from them,” he said.

KPRC reached out to Uber for comment but did not hear back. 

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