Shootout spills out into Midtown streets after robbery, police say

HOUSTON – Houston police said it's fortunate that no innocent bystanders were injured Thursday after a shooting at a Midtown apartment complex spilled out onto busy streets.

What happened

Police said shots rang out at a unit on the fifth floor at The Midtown Houston by Windsor apartments, near the corner of Hadley and Travis streets, around 3:50 p.m.

A resident opened fire on three suspects after they kicked in his apartment door, according to police.

Police said the resident followed the suspects outside and fired at least one shot.

"As they were leaving, the homeowner decides to confront them. When he confronts them, he actually discharged one round," Houston Police Department Detective Norman Wallace said.

Was anyone injured?

Police said there was another exchange of gunfire after the resident followed the suspects to the street.

"They get down to the first floor and try to get away in an unknown vehicle, which is white. They get in the vehicle, there's another exchange of gunfire," Wallace said.

The resident was shot in the arm and is expected to survive.

A bullet also struck a leasing office window.

"Once you bring the fight outside, you expose a lot of people, innocent people, thank God no one was injured, no one was hurt," Wallace said.

Was anything taken?

"They took some property. We don't know what, yet," Wallace said.

Was the resident alone inside the apartment?

Police said the resident's girlfriend was in the apartment at the time of the incident.

What is the motive for the shooting?

Police said they do not believe the shooting was random.

They said they think the suspects and resident knew each other.

What's next?

Police said they have interviewed witnesses.

It's not clear what charges anyone will be facing.