Police: Worker may lose legs after truck driver dies while driving, crashes into him

HOUSTON – A truck driver is dead and an industrial worker was seriously hurt during a freak accident Wednesday afternoon.

What happened

Houston police said the driver of a semitrailer had a medical emergency while he was behind the wheel of his truck. Police said it was possibly a heart attack.

Houston Police Department Lt. Thurston Roberson said the driver was heading east on the 2700 block of Magnet Street with his wife in the passenger seat.

“He mentioned to his wife that he was not feeling well when he was driving eastbound on the roadway. Shortly thereafter, he began to lose consciousness and, of course, the weight of his foot fell on the gas pedal, which sped the truck up, and the truck, in turn, left the roadway and struck the fence behind us where a pedestrian was standing,” Roberson said.

The area of Magnet Street is an industrial area.

Police said the pedestrian was at work.

Traumatic injury

“He did experience some traumatic injury to his legs,” Roberson said.

He said the man is expected to survive, but there’s a possibility that he may lose both of his legs.

The driver was pronounced dead at the scene, according to police.

Driver's identity

“As of now, we established through the identification that he had upon his person that he (the driver) is from Destin, Florida. So, as of right now, that’s all that we know,” Roberson said.

Roberson said the crash is still under investigation.