Man accused of cornering rider, exposing self on METRORail train

HOUSTON – Police arrested 49-year-old Warren Stewart on suspicion of indecent exposure last Wednesday.

What happened

METRO police said Stewart cornered a rider and exposed himself on a METRORail train near the 6400 block of Fannin Street.

METRO's chief of police, Vera Bumpers, said Stewart is no stranger to her department.

“This man has been involved in small infractions, but nothing to this magnitude. We've dealt with him before for nonpayment of fare,” Bumpers said.

Call for increased security

Some riders are now calling for more police presence.

Bumpers said despite the recent incident, major crimes involving incidents like assaults are down 24% compared with last year.

Despite the drop, Bumpers said she plans to increase security.

“The board has authorized for us to hire an additional 20 part-time officers, which we plan to have them all on board by the end of the year,” Bumpers said.

What riders are saying

Norma Valdez doesn't try to ride the METRO rail alone.

“I would feel scared being by myself coming on a train, that's why I brought a friend out here to come with me,” Valdez said.

Valdez said a noticeable homeless population by the rail and the recent incident has her, and other women who take the train, on guard.

“I know I need the train, but I’m at a point where I don’t even want to ride the train anymore,” Marie Martinez said.

Bumpers recommended riders use the METRO Police Connect App that helps riders report crimes and speak with dispatchers.