Car burglars target Fort Bend County neighborhoods

HOUSTON – It was a tough weekend for some residents in the Riverpark West neighborhood in Fort Bend County.

Two men, who appeared to spend more than two hours in the subdivision, broke into at least a half dozen cars and trucks early Saturday morning, authorities said.

"Just kind of hits you. You feel violated. Somebody's been in your stuff,"  Laci Crowson, a longtime resident, said.

Crowson's home security camera caught two men peeking into the cars parked in her driveway. One of the men appears to be wearing something over his face.

Crowson's vehicles were not damaged, but the men can be seen going from driveway to driveway.

"Our neighbors lost cash, paychecks. Some have their garage door openers missing," Crowson said.

Several neighbors caught the perpetrators on video and have forwarded the footage to the Fort Bend County Sheriff's Office. 

One of the shots appears to capture the getaway vehicle, which may be a Nissan Rogue.

One neighbor, stayed up all night watching the neighborhood, the next night.

"We had a picture, a description of the vehicle, decided to take it upon ourselves, the community watch program, to see if we could spot the vehicle our own selves," Cass Madison, a resident with professional security experience, said.

Madison did not spot men or the vehicle, but took on the task, even though he himself was not a victim of the crimes.

"Best thing is we have an awesome neighborhood so everyone comes together to help each other out," Crowson said.

If you have information about the crimes, contact the Fort Bend County Sheriffs Office.