Closer look at Russell Westbrook's top 5 outfits

Westbrook is one of the most interesting athletes in all of sports

Russell Westbrook attends as Harper's BAZAAR Celebrates "ICONS By Carine Roitfeld" at the Plaza Hotel on September 7, 2018 in New York City. (Photo by Andrew Toth/Getty Images for Harper's Bazaar) (Getty Images)

HOUSTON – The Houston Rockets trade for Russell Westbrook is one of the top stories in the NBA - not just because Westbrook gives the team a shot at an NBA title, but because of the cultural capital that "Brodie" brings.

Westbrook is simply one of the most interesting athletes in all of sports.

There's plenty of time to focus on things like his FG percentage, but I’m going to focus on his GQ percentage.

Westbrook has his own book on fashion and has been on the cover of GQ. 

Courtest: GQ

So let’s take a look at the top five Russell Westbrook outfits

The construction vest (January 2018) 

Westbrook actually wore this outfit in Houston, showing up in the "putting in work" construction vest.

The frameless glasses that started it all (May 2012) 

In 2012, before Westbrook was known for his outfits, he wore this fishing shirt and red frameless glasses after a Lakers-Thunder game. Ernie Johnson compared Westbrook to Sally Jesse Raphael, and Charles Barkley compared Westbrook’s shirt to Garanimals, a brand for children.

The photographer vest (November 2016) 

Courtesy: NBA

In the first Thunder vs. Warriors game since Kevin Durant left, Westbrook took a shot at his former teammate by wearing an “Official Photographer” vest.

During the previous Super Bowl, Durant showed off his photography passion by shooting pictures for the Players’ Tribune.

The ripped shirt (January 2018) 

Courtesy: NBA

Westbrook walked in the arena, saying his son ripped his shirt – but no one really believes him. Barkley again went in on Westbrook for this, calling it a “fashion faux pas” and saying Westbrook should buy full shirts with his new contract.

The oven mitts (January 2019) 

Courtesy: NBA

There isn’t a whole lot to say here … just Westbrook wearing oven mitts.