Thief uses tow truck to steal vehicle outside doctor's office in southeast Houston

HOUSTON – A bold thief stole an SUV out of the parking lot of a doctor's office and the theft was caught on camera. What makes this robbery so strange is that the thief didn't break into the vehicle -- he towed it away.

Dr. Joseph Sleiman, of Clinic 45 in southeast Houston, said his janitor's car was towed away by what he described as a professional thief.

“The thief probably made that truck to steal cars and tow them away from their owners,” Sleiman said.  

Manuel Mendoza works as the janitor, with his wife. Mendoza parks his car, which he and his wife own, outside the clinic every day, as the couple works inside during early morning hours.

His sister-in-law, Nohemi Aguilar, said his 1996 Ford Explorer was towed away at 5 a.m. by a thief riding in a pickup truck.

“They had their medicine in the car,” Aguilar said.  

Aguilar said the couple doesn't have much and rely on their car to meet their needs.

“They work hard for their money. It's not fair for somebody to just come and take their belongings,” Aguilar said.