Investigation underway after strange couple frightens family in Baytown

BAYTOWN, Texas – Baytown police are investigating an incident in the Cedar Bayou Mobile Home Park after a mother said a man tried to grab her 10-year-old from their street on Thursday. 

Police are searching for a man and woman seen driving a two-door, silver Dodge Ram pickup through a Baytown neighborhood Thursday evening. 

The truck was last seen leaving the Cedar Bayou neighborhood off Highway 146. 

"Pretty hot and humid. I was outside with the baby. She wanted to play with her cat," said Lindsay, who asked us not to use her last name.

Lindsay said she was playing with her daughter on the porch of her home while her son was playing with a friend in the street. Lindsay said that while she was keeping tabs on her son she couldn’t see him because a neighboring house blocked her view.

"I could hear all the echoes. I could hear him laughing, cutting up," she said.

As it was getting dark, Lindsay said she called for her son to come home. About three minutes later, her son rounded the corner to his house.

"He was scared. I have never seen him that scared before," Lindsay said.

Her son told her that after his friend went inside his home and he started to walk to his house, a man and woman in a pickup pulled up next to him, according to Lindsay. She said her son told her the truck stopped and the man got out of the passenger side.

"He said when the guy got out of the car, he darted for him," Lindsay said.

Lindsay said that a few seconds after her son ran to the porch, the truck pulled in front of the family's home and stopped.

"Had you ever seen that truck before?" KPRC 2 asked.

"No, I had not," said Lindsay. "They were stopped until they saw me stand up and then they took off."

"Is there any chance your son just misunderstood? Maybe he stopped to ask for directions, he was lost?" we asked.

"I thought about that. I did," Lindsay said. "They just took off when they saw me. That's what just gives me that creepy feeling."

Surveillance cameras in the neighborhood show Lindsay tried to chase the couple to get the pickup truck's license plate number. Lindsay said she unable to read the license plate because it was dark and the truck was moving too fast.


"If it was just something simple and as innocent as asking for directions, why did they run from me?" she said.

Lindsay said the paint on the driver's side door of the pickup truck was rusting. 

Officials said surveillance video shows the bed of the truck is equipped with a large silver toolbox.

If you know anything about this incident, you are asked to call Baytown police.