Restaurant Report Card: Roach activity, fly infestations discovered at local eateries

HOUSTON – KPRC's Bill Spencer makes his weekly rounds to restaurants in town to make sure they are keeping up to the health standards in Houston.

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Here’s a closer look at the restaurants that Spencer reported on this week.


Kentucky Fried Chicken - 1712 Kingwood Drive

Violation: Inspectors discovered 10-plus cockroaches, along the walls, along the wall crevices and on the floor near the cookline.


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KFC Restaurant Report (PDF)
KFC Restaurant Report (Text)


Jack in the Box - 9602 Mesa Drive

Violation: Inspectors found a fly infestation. The order was given to provide measures to eliminate the presence of flies and cockroaches.


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Jack in the Box Restaurant Report (PDF)
Jack in the Box Restaurant Report (Text)


La Cazuela Colombian Restaurant - 9544 Richmond

Violation: Rodent droppings were discovered on the shelving where paper goods are stored.


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La Cazuela Colombian Restaurant Report (PDF)
La Cazuela Colombian Restaurant Report (Text)


Tastee Pizza - 6455 Hillcroft

Violation: Inspectors observed heavy roach activity by the three-compartment sink, the back storage area and on bottles of oil. The order was given to eliminate the cockroaches.


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Tastee Pizza Restaurant Report (PDF)
Tastee Pizza Restaurant Report (Text)


Cocina Latina Buffet de Pupusas - 6451 Hillcroft

Violation: Discovered live roach activity underneath the cardboard liner on the food prep table, by the microwave oven, by the three-compartment and disinfecting sinks.


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Cocina Latina Buffet De Pupusas Restaurant Report (PDF)
Cocina Latina Buffet De Pupusas Restaurant Report (Text)