Porch pirate caught on camera stealing package from Pearland home

PEARLAND, Texas – A homeowner said his home security cameras captured a man in a U-Haul truck stealing a package from his front door.

He believes the suspect was following an Amazon truck in the Oakbrook Estates subdivision.

What happened

Steven Seats said Thursday afternoon he had an Amazon package delivered to his home.

“I knew the package was coming today and I checked my camera on the porch. I saw the package there and about 10 minutes later and I look at the camera again and I was going to come back out and get it, the package was gone,” Seats said.

He said around 2 p.m., the box disappeared and one of his cameras showed it didn’t walk off on its own.

“I guess we had a wonderful neighborhood porch bandit that came up and I actually saw them on video,” Seats said.

The U-Haul truck

The cameras captured someone pull up to Seat’s cul-a-sac in a U-Haul truck.

“Nobody else was in the vehicle. He got out of the vehicle with his head down (and headed straight) to the porch with the package and then was gone. That fast. It didn’t take more than 30 seconds for him to take the package,” Seats said.

He said he didn't see a license plate on the truck and believes the suspect removed it.

“I saw him in the neighborhood. I just saw the U-Haul truck go in the neighborhood probably about an hour before the package was delivered, so he was, I guess, either following the truck or knowing he (the Amazon driver) went through the neighborhoods and came back afterward,” Seats said.

In an effort to get more awareness to help catch the suspect, Seats contacted U-Haul.

“I emailed pictures to U-Haul, the pictures that I have. I thought maybe if they can distribute them to the local U-Haul rental agencies that when he turns the van in, they might recognize him,” he said.

Pearland police

Seats, an Air Force veteran, said he called the Pearland Police Department and filed a report. He also posted the video and pictures to his neighborhood homeowners association Facebook page.

Seats said he just wants to warn others and is hoping someone recognizes the suspect in the video.

“Frustrated mostly. How people can do things like that is beyond me, but they do, so maybe his neighbors and friends will talk him into giving me my package back,” Seats said.

What was in the package?

Seat said three phone chargers and a wheel for his utility trailer were taken.

He said it totaled about $150 worth of items and said it’s not the most expensive package in the world, but said it’s about the principle.

“I’ve never lived a life of crime, I wouldn’t know why people do it. Why people do it, I don’t know. I think the repercussions if he gets caught is going to be worse than I think," he said.

Other victims

After the story appeared on KPRC Channel 2’s Facebook page, a viewer said a woman in a U-Haul truck also stole a package from her front door.


This poor woman is going to be so disappointed when she opens the “Amazon” box she stole off our porch today, only to...

Posted by Krystal Hickman on Wednesday, July 17, 2019