Police rescue child with special needs from bison enclosure

ASHLAND, Nebraska – Police rescued a child with special needs Friday from a bison enclosure. 

Police responded to a call at the park when the 9-year-old boy scaled a fence to get into the bison enclosure. 

Bodycam footage shows police moving through the large enclosure, searching for the boy. By the time officers were able to locate the child, he had been on the inside of the fence for about a half-hour. Turns out at the time, the bison were actually inside another enclosure, but police said the boy was not far from where the bison were located. 

Rescuing children from a bison enclosure is not something covered in police training, so officers had to quickly understand both the environment and how to approach the special needs child. 

Park officials said this was the first time a child has ever gotten into one of their enclosures. The officer and boy are OK, officials said.