3-year-old girl killed in road rage shooting, police say

MILWAUKEE – Police said a 3-year-old girl was killed in a road rage shooting over the weekend, according to WTMJ.

Police said Brooklyn Harris was in the car with her mother when they nearly crashed into another car in Milwaukee, on Saturday.

The driver of the other car fired shots into the car Harris was riding in, police said.

The girl was struck and killed by one of the bullets, according to police.

A suspect was taken into custody, according to police.

Strangers offer support

The Milwaukee community came together to join Harris' family in their grief.

These quotes are from WTMJ:

"From the pictures, she looks like she was full of life, full of joy," said Jamie Lester, who lives nearby and visited a memorial that was growing near the scene of the shooting.

She doesn't know the Harris family, but can only imagine their pain.

"I have kids myself. It always just hits home," she said. "It's unfortunate her family won't be able to see her grow and prosper as she should have."

Another man broke down at the vigil, saying he saw the aftermath of the shooting.

"They knew that the baby was gone before they left, and it's just terrible man. I'm broke," he said.

"This really could've been prevented. The fact that you can't take your anger back you know? You can't take that moment back," Lester said.