VIDEO: Off-duty officer grabs onto hood of car in attempt to stop shoplifter

HOUSTON – An off-duty Bridge City Police Department assistant police chief was taken to a Houston-area hospital after he attempted to stop a shoplifter in east Houston, according to police.

What happened

Around 6:50 p.m., Houston police said the assistant police chief was in uniform shopping at a Harbor Freight store in a shopping center in the 1050 block of Federal Road when employees alerted him to shoplifters who were in the parking lot.

When the assistant police chief approached the suspect vehicle with his gun drawn, the driver put the vehicle in drive and ran into him, according to police.

Watch the surveillance video

The assistant police chief was able to grab ahold of the hood of the vehicle and held on for 100 to 200 feet across the parking lot, police said.

He was able to fire at least one shot and let go of the vehicle, according to Houston police.

The suspect vehicle left the scene in an unknown direction, and there was no description provided of the vehicle or shoplifting suspect.

The assistant police chief suffered minor injuries and is expected to recover.

What's next

Houston police said they will interview witnesses in the area and will also review surveillance video in efforts to identify the suspect.