Q&A: Sheriff Tory Nehls explains why he's not seeking reelection, his future in politics

HOUSTON – Fort Bend County Sheriff Troy Nehls sat down with KPRC after he announced Wednesday that he won’t seek reelection next year.

He's served as the county’s top cop since 2012 and is a 24-year law enforcement veteran. Nehls talked about his consideration to run for Congress in 2018. 

Q: Why did you decide not to seek a third term?

Nehls: "I served as the elected constable for two terms, eight years, and now I will be completing eight years as sheriff, and I think it's time for me to do something else."

Q: What's next?

Nehls: "I formed an exploratory committee for Congressional District 22 but decided not to run for Congress last year. It is something that I will explore again for this election cycle."

Q: When will you make a decision?

Nehls: "I have four to five months to figure out whether I would want to pull the trigger on that and run for that position, but again, we're just exploring our options, testing the water."

Q: Use one word to describe the Fort Bend County Sheriffs Office since you've been there?

Nehls: "Professionalism. I think it's professionalism, we're big now. We are a big organization, and I get very few complaints from the public."

Q: List some of your biggest accomplishments during your time as sheriff?


"One, improving the dismal crime solve rate because there just wasn't an emphasis placed on solving crime. 

Two, burglaries in this county are down 65 percent.

Three, we built relationships with other agencies."