He said, she said: South Loop incident leads to shooting at gas station, police say

HOUSTON – Houston police said an incident on the South Loop led to a shooting Tuesday night.

What she said

The woman involved in the incident said she was cut off by a man while she was driving on the Loop.

She said the man chased her to a gas station on the Loop and Almeda Road, where he got out of his vehicle and started intimidating her.

The woman said she called her boyfriend, who showed up to the gas station with another man. She said the man who was involved in the incident on the freeway pulled out a gun and shot her boyfriend.

What he said

The man involved in the incident on the Loop said the woman hit him and didn't stop.

He said he followed her to the gas station to get her information.

He said when the woman's boyfriend arrived, he felt threatened so he shot and hit the woman's boyfriend one time.

Police said he left the scene because he didn't feel safe and called authorities.

What police are saying

Police are hoping surveillance video will clarify what happened and determine if the shooting was in self-defense or was a road-rage incident.

Is the boyfriend OK?

The boyfriend was shot one time in the abdomen and is expected to live, according to police. He underwent surgery Tuesday night.