Whataburger helps Texas couple celebrate 62nd anniversary

LUBBOCK, Texas – A Texas couple who eat at Whataburger every day got a big surprise from the restaurant to help them celebrate their 62nd anniversary. 

A decorated table was reserved for the couple at a Whataburger on Quaker Avenue.

BJ and Danny Morman said they both eat at Whataburger twice a day and the staff has become friends to them. 

 "This is the ultimate treatment you get as a customer but I like to think of it as friendship," BJ Morman said. 

The employees said they feel the same way about the couple. 

"It makes me so happy that I get to come here and see their happy little face," said Brooklyn, a Whataburger employee. 

"We built those relationships to get to know them, and they come and talk to us and they don't just talk to us, they talk to everybody," said Brittanie, another Whataburger employee. 

The couple said their favorite meal includes chicken strips and a Whataburger with extra veggies. 

Whata-way to celebrate 62 years together.

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