Houston rapper Paul Wall joins community activists to call to end gun violence against children

HOUSTON – Community activists, a Houston rapper and parents of young homicide victims came together Tuesday morning to ask for a “cease fire” to the killing of children.

Community Activist Deric Muhammad lead the press conference at the S.H.A.P.E Community Center in Houston’s Fourth Ward.

“You do not kill children. Somewhere along the line, we have lost that,” Muhammad said.

Community members said they’re growing tired of the senseless violence against children. Ivory West Jr., 2, was shot and killed last week. Maleah Davis, 4, died in May.

Kamren Jones, 11 was killed last month due to mistaken identity along with 8-year-old Jazmine Barnes, who was shot to death in December. Jones and Barnes’ fathers spoke at the press conference urging people to cease fire.

“I can’t see my baby no more,” said Barnes father, Chris Cevilla. “I can’t love her. I can’t kiss her. I can’t watch her finish growing. I can’t go to her prom. I can’t do none of that.”

Houston rapper Paul Wall challenged the city to tackle the homicides of children proactively, rather than reactively.

“The killings continue to happen and these ripple effects it’s not just affecting the family members. It’s affecting every child that person knows. Every child that goes to that school,” Wall said.

The community is fed up with violence against children. Activists said they’re tired of attending the funerals of children and hearing about gun violence. They said they’d rather hear about solutions to what they’re calling an epidemic.