Women's Word Cup victory sparks debate over equal pay

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HOUSTON – Hundreds of soccer fans packed into Pitch 25 to watch the U.S. Men's National team take on Mexico in the Gold Cup Final.

"I do have family members that are Mexican but definitely we are going U.S.A. all the way," said soccer fan Rosil Carranza.

Mexico fans were also well represented and excited about the matchup.

"I have to go for Mexico,” Said Marcela de la Paz.

The attention was on Sunday night's Gold Cup Final but not far from everyone's mind was the Women's National team and their World Cup win against the Netherlands.

"I think it's awesome. I think what they're doing is incredible. They're great role models for younger girls and for everyone else in the country," said fan Francis Medellin.

The USWNT are World Cup champions but they are still fighting to be treated as equals to there male counterparts.

Superstar Megan Rapinoe is leading the charge for equal pay.

"I think everyone is ready for this conversation to move to the next step," Rapinoe said during a press conference.

Fans love both the men and women teams but seemed to agree with Rapinoe.

According to several reports, the women's team will make about $200,000 each for winning the World Cup but had the men won, it is estimated they would have made over $1.1 million.

"What you see on the TV should speak for itself. There should never be a question about if they should be getting paid more. Of course, they should be getting paid more," said fan Chris Castillo.

Many cite the women's success on the world stage.

"They're winning world cups and that's all matters the guys can't even qualify so why are they getting paid more," Carranza said.

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